Our Activities

Around the world, priests are experiencing real hardship as a result of the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Srinithya foundations, wants play an important role as everyone adapts to these challenges. Srinithya Foundation is pledging to help the following activities in 2020-21 in an effort to help build stronger communities. Srinithya foundation is providing internet, mobile phones & also training the temple priests in adopting online technology so they can perform pujas remotely and get constant work.

Temples/Veda Patashalas

Veda Patashala @ Hyderabad

Sri Naga Shekar Akella garu has been running veda patashala in hyderabad and had local monthly sponsors. Due to corona most of his sponsors dropped and he is unable to perform his purohityam due to corona, Srinithya foundation has pledged to help the Veda Patashala to help manage and sustain pathshala through these tough times.

Veda Purohits

Sri Naga shekar Akella Garu

Veda Purohit & astrologer